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Voluntary action for the public good


DRBSF is a national philanthropic network of diverse individuals dedicated to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all young people and women; especially those of color. Our goal is to provide assistance to youthservice professionals, educators, policymakers and other youth advocates in communities across the country through:


  • Coordinated Efforts to "bridge the gap" between the Science of Research and the Application of Effective Practice
  • Youth Leadership and Mentorship
  • Training/Outreach
  • Coordinated Efforts with Strategic Partners to Influence Policy and Effective Practice


DRBSF will support activities that build youth-service organizations and community-based programs that support all young people and women from marginalized and underserved communities.


DRBSF will prioritize the needs of young people and women most affected by the social and economic inequities, injustices and other obstacles that challenge the quality of their everyday life.

"I encourage you to reflect on your own commitment to young people and the thousands of youth-service professionals who dedicate their time, energy and resources to helping youth. Reach out and reaching back takes only a few minutes, but the impact of your actions could last a lifetime."
- Dr. Barbara Sugland

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